Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a car,few friends and four birds.

i just spent some time talking to abel and allie.. and yah i felt kinda bad about not blogging.well. i just saw four birds. two black and white. two yellow and white. they were really kinda big. it was refrshing to see them cause it was a different experience. truth be told. you dont see much birds around subang anymore.( nice ones at least)

i realise that at times thought we might be so busy and really lack time it doesnt entirely mean that we're living full lives. at times, we're just busy doing the same things over and over again. whats the use or what so good about going out shopping everyday? after a while you end up buying the same top you bought a week ago cause you shop so much that you just do it because you cant think of anything else you want to..maybe i'm not making much sense but i'm just speaking my mind.

guess thats why i wake up every morning..and ASK god to give me a new experience. i dont want to live the same way i did yesterday. ..

today, as i ws going to leave my house for the gym..my car couldnt start..for those who know me well enough..you kow this is not the first time. connection problems..
i fiddled with every single wire i could get my hands on and guess...it didnt work...
tried so many times....yet it didnt work..

so in the end i realised that i would be late for the class that i wanted to go to.. so i said fine i wont go anymore. put my bag back into the house(maid did it) then continued trying to fix dohno what..hehe..

after a while i realised that though i was mumbling prayers for god to fix my car i didnt really mean it...i was really just relying on the connection cables.
so i stopped and paused to pray. really believing for god start my car.
i acknowledged that only he could do it...then..i got in to my car turned the key..bit by bit...first small turn..i switched on the aircond. then. one more turn. THE ENGINE STARTED. Praise god for he gives life and life to the fullest not only to us..but to our cars as well.

it's a cute day. what will happen next i asked god just now..we'll see soon.!
if days had titles. this would be mine= a car,few friends and four birds.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friends>>did you guys realise the fact that for once in my life i didnt personalise this page to be sophie-like..i just cin-chaied.. so maybe i'm cured of being a total perfectionist..hehe!!

LRT story

hmmm..i know i told everyone that i dont really find the point of having a blog but i guess my views has changed.i realised that i cant keep in touch with everybody i know though i'm close with very well so that's why i'm blogging. see sometimes i want to share a whole lot of stuff to the pppl i know..but our timing never fits, so yeah i guess journaling it down where ppl can see i guess is ok too.

well, today i have decided to avoid listening to mp3's in public just for entertainment sake. see..i was in the LRT today (meeting up with my mom to SHOP :)..btw it's the first time i went on it alone) ya. and i realised that taking while taking this kind of transportation saves the earth and what not..it wastes a lot of time if not used wisely. see most of the time when i go with friends i have really great conversations. so today i was alone. i decided that since i got a new phone..w550i sony ericson.(thanks cheng yee!)i might as well put it to good use.
and yup! good it was. BUT THE thing is>>i really wanted to strike a conversation with this girl who looked like she was my age. why didnt i, you ask? it was because i was too busy listening and humming to my music..so i missed the first glance opportunity_the time where its perfectly normal to say hi. After about the first 20 seconds things get awkward..hehe..so all the wya while listening to the mp3s i was going back and forth with this decision to talk to her or not. in the end the train came and i didnt get to talk to her no more..funny thing was..the moment she sat down..she too took out her headphones and started listening to stuff..
see the whole opportunity of having a good conversation with a totally new person got flushed down the drain today...so wasted! we could have have encouraged each other in some way.. i was having a great day ..was her's good (by the looks of her face things seemed pretty mundane) i could have made it different ..i could be her funny story of how a stranger just came up and talked to her about some nonsenical issue..
oh wells..thats that.
three times altogether this happened to me(this lady with an umbrella..and a lady i really wanted to give up my seat for cause she was carrying a lot of stuff including veggie but in the end didnt)..haiyoh!!

so the conclusion to this whole experience.... listening to mp3's in public is a choice. when one choice is made the other left behind.. i made that choice today...i gave up talking to ppl and helping somebody..i was in my own world. and i didnt like. dont get me wrong. i'm perfectly fine with other ppl doing it. but for me i think it's pretty antisocial-like.
solution for self: avoid avoid avoid!!